Thursday, July 4, 2019

Parade application

Calling all PARADE lovers!  We want our parade to be bigger than ever as we celebrate our 250th birthday in style.  The theme guessed it, "Happy Birthday!"

Forms are available at the Royalton Town Office or contact Carol Green, Parade Marshall, at

All are invited to be part of our historic celebration!

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Getting ready to celebrate

The summer is fast approaching and we are busy putting together a fantastic schedule of events.  Take a moment to look at the updated schedule on the events page.  We are also actively taking on sponsors so if you, or your organization, are interested please contact us

We are especially excited to announce that Royalton High School alumnus and successful illustrator, Shawn Braley, has generously donated our official celebration design!  Thank you Shawn!

You can visit Shawn's website here 

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A Little About Royalton and It's People

    Royalton's surface is about 40 square miles and has a population somewhere around 3000 people.  I describe Royalton as an agricultural community that is searching for growth but with a strong determined fight against corporate domination.  A community may see commercialism as enterprising and progress, in Royalton, commercialism maybe seen as destructive and obstructive. 
     The pride of Royalton is the White River that runs through the town.  The people of Royalton put a great deal of effort into keeping the White River clean.
     The people of  Royalton are resourceful and resilient.  In August of 2011 Tropical Storm Irene caused widespread destruction throughout Vermont.  Royalton was one of the areas hardest hit by this storm. All lines erased. The entire community came together as one. People pulled together to shovel muck out of houses, cut and move trees and power poles, towed vehicles, shared generators, and provided meals with the help of local business.  Being the self sufficient people that Vermonters are know to be,  Royalton's self made interstate ramp, Exit 2 and 1/2 was built by a couple of community members on the north side of town so people could get out of an area that locked in due to flooding and damaged roads and bridges. Unfortunately the VT Department of Transportation was not as enthusiastic about the new ramp so it was only a brief time before it was put out of service. 
     Tropical Storm Irene caused devastation for many people especially for those whose homes were badly damaged and those who lost their entire home,  but it was also an amazing time of sharing, collaboration and community spirit
     It has been about 20 years since my move to this area, and still to this day I am absolutely awestruck by the many artists, musicians and authors that live in Royalton and nearby towns.  The very first Memorial Day parade I attended in South Royalton I heard the music, in the distance, of the South Royalton High School Marching band.  The music was very "full" sounding, not so much load as it was boastful and enthusiastic.  I expected a company of about 50 or so musicians to come around the corner.  To my surprise it was only about a dozen high school kids who were obviously very skilled and dedicated.
     Over those past 20 years I have had the opportunity to enjoy the work of many renowned artists, musicians and authors.  In Royalton lives a man that builds and repairs bagpipes. He is now (partially) retired, but in his day his pieces were sought after by bagpipe musicians from anywhere in the world. This gentleman's wife, an artist herself, creates hooked rugs from self drawn interpretations of famous artists.  She hand dyes her fabrics that she obtains mostly from scrapes.  Her work was recently purchased by the curators of an art gallery on the coast of Maine. 
    When I speak of artists who live in Royalton I must include my sister-in-law.  Her work is often of landscapes and natural images. She uses a variety of media including chalk, acrylics and pencil.  I have heard her work described as "astounding".  Many of her landscape pieces lend your eyes into a dimensional space where the land and sky appear inseparable but never touch.  It can be mesmerizing.
       Also among Royalton's talented is A Pulitzer Prize winning author, an inventor, a movie producing family, award winning quilters, other artists and several published authors.  Royalton is also home to some very knowledgeable forgers, naturalists, a black smith, a couple of horse farriers as well as organic farmers.
     It is not uncommon to see someone sitting on the Green strumming an instrument, or a circle of musicians having a jam session.  Popular local bands play at town events and at some of the local restaurants.  South Royalton is home to what maybe the oldest active town band in the nation.  The South Royalton Town Band celebrates 150 years, this year.
     Royalton is home to a couple of doctors, nurses, teachers, 2 banks, a post office, 3 hair salons, 2 thrift stores, 1 Senior Center, 1 sugar house, 1 gift shop with fresh fudge.  A couple of massage therapists, a tatoo artist, a few mechanics, several computer geeks, a 100 year old library currently under renovation, 3 gas stations each with a convenience store, a veterinarian, and a garden center. A family of eye doctors, a pizza place and soon to be restaurant in a historic building.  A used car dealer, a tractor store,a hardware store a couple of foresters and loggers. A public beach by the river, a diner, and a pharmacy.  A fire department, water department, waste water plant and a rescue squad.  A food co-op, a deli, a burger and beer joint (one of the best in VT), a tavern and another restaurant tucked away by the crossroads.  We have an auto parts store, a couple of bed and breakfasts, twin overnight cabins, a college bookstore, a coffee house & tasting room, a couple of accountants and a laundry mat. We have a few stock brokers, 4 or 5 churches, an Agency of Commerce Commissioner, a few building contractors and about a dozen lawyers.  A wagyu farm, a few dairy farms, an organic popcorn producer, some vegetable farms, a fiber optic cable company, and a plastic injection molding plant. A river conservancy group, a sheep farmer, a Civics club, a Lions club, and the Masons & Rebekahs. Royalton is home of  LiLi, the low input - low impact milk pasteurization system and an award winning Sierra Club Conversationalist who is an oil and watercolor artist, instructor and published author the Joseph Smith Memorial, the Richard W. Ellis Bandstand and the only law school in Vermont.  .
     We pack a lot into those 40 square miles.  I think we deserve a birthday party!  🎂

Sunday, April 28, 2019

We Would Love to See You.......

The Royalton 250th Birthday Celebration committee is actively seeking more participants to help with organization, or to bring new ideas. The next meeting will be May 2, at  7 pm at the Royalton Town Offices.
Contact David Barker ( for more information. 🎂

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Food Trucks are Coming to Our Celebration

Mark your calendars because THE FOOD TRUCKS ARE COMING!  The Royalton 250th Birthday Celebration will begin on Thursday, August 15th, 2019 on the Green in South Royalton with a Food Truck Rally beginning at 4:00 PM.  As of today, five food trucks have confirmed their spot on the Green.   BBQ, Skinny Pancake, Kona Ice, hand cut Fries and more.  Gather on the Green, visit friends and neighbors, Try one food truck or try them all.  There is no entrance fee, pay each food vendor directly. 

The South Royalton Farmers' Market will be open at 3:00 PM and the "Legendary" South Royalton Town Band will present a special birthday celebration concert in the Richard W. Ellis Bandstand from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM.  Free.  The band is celebrating their 150th anniversary this year!

Plan to bring your lawn chairs and stay awhile......🎂

Monday, April 15, 2019

We're Planning a Celebration

The Royalton 250th Birthday Celebration committee is actively seeking more participants to help with organization, or to bring new ideas. The next meeting will be May 2, at  7 pm at the Royalton Town Offices.
Contact David Barker ( for more information. 🎂